January 11, 2010

Steel City to become Sly Fox City. Sly Fox launches in the Pitt Market this week

It's early.
I've barely slept.
There's no time for sleep when editors are waiting in Deadlineville.

I'm feel like I just got back from a weekend in New York and I'm leaving for Pittsburgh. I guess because I did and I am.

Lance and I took a bite of the Big Apple Friday night and Saturday. 

I hope to have more time to fill you in on our escapade in the next day.

It involved
a lot of really bad customer service
an almost scuffle with a douche bag at the Gingerman

corn ice cream!
delicious Ale Smith Wee Heavy
a bartender that even referred to herself as a sociopath
the best apple turnover I have ever had
the worst octopus I have ever had

a slightly disappointing experience at BXL by Times Square
Great times as expected at D.B.A. and Blind Tiger.

and much more.


  1. Gingerman must have one of the highest concentration of douchebags on the planet. Great beer selection, but really douchy patrons. Did you go to Rattle and Hum? With R&H, there's no reason for anyone to go to Gingerman, unless of course they are a douche.

  2. I recently learned on the MTV channel that douchebags punch girls in bars. Be careful, its a jungle out there.