January 8, 2010

There's still some Old Bart around! Tonight, Sat and rounding up with Bridgids on Monday

YARDS is still pushing their delicious barley wine on us all over the city.

-There's a pin at Pub and Kitchen (and those amazing fish and chips to boot).  The boys are confident its gonna kick soon so get there on the earlier side of happy hour.


it will also be pouring at Fairmount's London Grill 8 till it kicks.  Here they are trying to set a record it seems. Mr. Tom Kehoe will be there


P.o.p.e  12 till 6.  The every mysterious Pots will be bartending. AND the infamous TIM ROBERTS- deemed nicest guy in Philadelphia by Brendan Hartranft will be there. Stop in.  Maybe take a stroll up the street to Green Aisle and buy some of those life-altering Ric's English Muffins.


BRIDGIDS will have a pin.  This will be the final pouring of it...and you best be there.

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