January 21, 2010

Today-= Sly in the City

Today is gonna be a long one.  The Sly Fox crew (Brian, Tim, Corey, John G) will be taking a bus into the city this afternoon with 18 people that help us sell beer in New York- Team Sheehan Distributors.

We're doing the Center city can crawl on Sunday- to celebrate International BEER CAN DAY-so this time around we're keeping it to the Fishtown and Northern Libs area.

5 pm- Memphis Taproom.  I can taste the Fried Dills already
6:45 Johnny Brenda's - Ichor might be ontap
8- Firkin of Gang Aft Agley at SWIFT HALF...
9ish- Standard Tap- This should be a rollicker as the team will surely be tuned up.

Join us if you can. Feel free to text me if you have my digits to see where we're at.

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