January 20, 2010

Trip down memory lane: The Masters of the Universe Alarm Clock

Sorry this is a non beer-related post.
This one's for the Woodsies.

I have a big brother, Michael, that introduced me to wrestling and other boy toys. 

I spent equal time with He-man as I did with Sheera.  And one of my favorite childhood memories was this crazy Alarm clock.

I woke up this morning and oddly, it was the first thing I thought about.
Anyone else have it?
This is what it says-=-

"He Man, Its Teela
we've been called again
we must not let Skeletor keep us from our friends."

"Then call with me Teela:
Its time to wake up
smile and be happy
brush your teeth and make it snappy
we never fail with our wake up verse because we're the Masters of the Universe."


  1. My brother had that alarm clock and I got it as a hand me down. Seeing it gives me the chills because by the time I got it the voices were distorted and it sounded like Satan trying to wake me up.

  2. You need to check out skelator karaoke at the troc, it's hilarious!