February 15, 2010

A Charmed Weekend: Bellied up with the Belgians

To Lance Romance and I - Valentines Day Weekend only means one thing...Max's Belgian Beer Fest.
Its a 72 hours festival at Fells Point's Beer Geek Nirvana.  Of course they close between the hours of 1:45 and 11 am...but the idea is that the fest runs for 3 days pouring hundreds of different Belgian beers by draft and bottle-some never before seen stateside.

This was our 3rd year strong.  One of the key elements to the festival's success is Cellarman Casey Hard.  I don't have a picture of him right now- but I will snag a photo from another blog, give due credit, and share his mug with y'all so you can see what greatness looks like.  I am not sure how long he's been manning the cellars at Max's on Broadway, but the owner is quite lucky he's there.

We situated ourselves in chairs behind a ledge at the front of the bar. Lance joked that we were like Statler and Waldrof from the Muppets balcony.  We never really heckled anyone...but we did make a bunch of friends.  We met Kim and Greg of Downingtown, Amy and Steve from Downingtown as well.
I met these great Sausage grinders, Chris and Mark from Baltimore.They work for a Sausage maker, Roma, down in Baltimore.  They're sending me some sausage too.  You can read all about that down the road.

We stayed there for about 6 hours each day.(When I have more time I will try to have a complete list of everything we tasted).
We wanted to make sure we said hi to the rest of our Charm City friends we have met throughout our last two years there.

We headed to Todd Connor's with new friends Greg and Kim.  Actually it was like we were on an impromptu double date with them all weekend.  Their crab cake Sandwich there is a must.  It's drizzled with a red pepper aioli. The bun is soft... the filler is non-existent. It's just a bunch of maryland crab lumped on the bun.

Then we introduced them to "One Eyed Mikes" our Grand Marnier bar you've probably read about here before.  It's important to not that OEM's is not close to being a "beer bar."  We go there for that French Orange Liquer we don't even like all that much.
It's the novelty of having the bottle down there...Lance just bought are 3rd bottle on Saturday.  I forget how many you have to buy before you get a free one.

We also hit up some awful (yet supposedly fancy) place called Mezze- more on that service when I talk about how amazing Osteria was in another post.  We also hit up the owl bar, the Mt Vernon stable (worst bar ever), and Dionysus (Very cool bar).  Unfortunately we couldn't get ressies at Brewer's Art on Sat- and they didn't open till 5 on Sunday...I did get to run into owner, Steve at Max's for a minute. 

I've gotta jet...but more later.

No Beer club this week in case you're wondering.

Upcoming events-=

This Thursday 
Drafting Room- 6 pm Sly Fox takes the Taps in Exton... Brian, Tim,  and myself will be there. Maybe Steve?

Next Monday 22nd
Tomme Arthur hits up FISHToWN. Memphis taproom-=- 6 till 8 to meet and greet.

Next Tuesday, 23rd
P.O.P.E. is having a mini-Bells night with a keg of that delicious VAN TWEE (Bells Deproef Collaboration), Hopslam, and the Oarsman (a Berliner Weisse) on tap.

Also keep in mind- Devil's Den is having their ongoing Winter Olympics featuring Medal winners from the Great American Beer Fest.  I'm hearing great thing about the kitchen these days too...

Thursday the 25th
Dogfish at EARTH bread +brewery.  I'd save my seat at 4 pm for this one.  It's gonna be a zooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo.

Saturday the 27th
SOLD out World CAfe Live Beer Fest.

And a VERY HAPPY Belated Birthday to LEW BRYSON!!!!!

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