February 5, 2010

Craft filled S u p e r b o w l-= Swifty's or the P.o.p.e

Still don't have superbowl plans?
And you might not even care...
But if you do- here goes

*SWiFt Half is donating all sales of Sly Fox cans to Doctors without Borders- Haiti Relief!!!
I will be there for a bit.

*P.o.p.e. is hosting their 2nd annual "Stupor Bowl."
Last year pitted Philadelphia Brewing Co vs. YaRDS.

This year it will be Sly Fox vs. Victory.

The P.o.P.e will have 3 of each brewery's beers...and viewers can decide which is their favorite.
the styles won't necessarily be the same from each brewery (they only have one nitro tap).

Management promises food and beer specials-=-

I will also be here-probably the second half.

I saw a couple of the National League play-off games here. It was the perfect place to watch a game without some of the meathead madness.

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