February 5, 2010

Green Eggs has Legs- Perhaps South Philly's Best Breakfast

In the popular Childrens' story, Green Eggs and Ham, Sam is trying to get a reluctant boy to try eggs like he's never had them before.  Green! and with Ham!  Regardless of Sam's suggestions...a variety of locations, transportation, and dining companions-nothing can sway him.

When Green Eggs Cafe first opened up by Clarion and Dickinson (13th), I thought I would be in there right away.  As with most new openings, it was "coming soon" for a while.  I don't know if it was a "boy who cried wolf" thing or not (oh- that place is still not open) but when they finally opened- I didn't rush in.

I waited about a month. Last Friday was the day.  Lance Romance had off from work so we were afforded the rare opportunity to meet for a weekday breakfast.  (Many of the places we like to get some good morning grub are just too crowded on Saturday and Sunday with weekend warriors.)

I saw a few pics of it early on via City Paper's Meal Ticket.

I had heard not a lick about the food.
Sometimes that is best.  Zip on the expectations.

I went savory- per  usual.  Lance went sweet.
I was tempted by the Philly Egg's Benedict, which subs Grilled Pork Loin for Canadian Bacon, but considering I actually don't care for the incorporated cream cheese, I went with the "Kitchen Sink."  I sank two eggs with cheese, their signature potato, choice of breakfast meat topped with homemade jumbo biscuit and sausage gravy into my stomach. It was cholesterol-up, hands-down the best breakfast I have had in months.  Rich though. When I thought my gluttony was coming to a close- I looked down at my cast-iron skillet and it looked like I barely touched it.  This was enough food to feed a South Philly family of four--and for only $8.50!

Lance got the Peanut Butter Crunch French Toast-=Brioche Texas toast stuffed with whipped crunchy peanut butter and Philadelphia cream cheese served with blackberry jam coulis.  I probably would never order that myself, so it's nice that we date so I can try one bite of something I never would have experienced otherwise.  (I mean there's other reasons too, he's nice, smart, funny and all-- but that's a list topper).  He's like, "this is the best peanut -butter I've ever had."  I had to agree. This too- only $8.50.

Then comes the bacon.  The heart-stopping, no- world-stopping- fatback of my dreams.  It was h e a v y.  Real heavy. It had a maple accent to it.  It was crunchy and chewy, and it was the best bacon we have ever had. Actually- there was that "bacon on the stick" at the Kennett Square Beer Fest I still think about from time to time.

But this was just as good, and something I can get again and again. ($2.50 for 2 slices)
It even prompted me to stop by the open kitchen next door on my way out and thank the chef.  I didn't meet the chef, but I met owner, Stephen Slaughter, whom told me they cut it the bacon in house.

My only grievance is that the food did take a while.  Which when you're doing breakfast on a Friday- as cliche as it sounds, you really don't have all day.  But- if anything was truly "worth the wait", that kitchen sink skillet, that crunchy peanut butter, and that slab o' bacon certainly were.

The decor isn't as glossy as I thought it might be.  Little plants sit on every table. The toast comes out in this funky metal basket.  The orange juice was delightful.  The service was the same.

My favorite part of the restaurant (there are three rooms) was a back room with a large table.
It screamed to me "Breakfast party with Champers and Sly Fox."  I think we might need to do just that as Green Eggs is a BYO. (But just open for breakfast, lunch and brunch).

Next time I return- which should be VERY soon-
with friends that are many,
perhaps I will get that Philly Eggs Bene.

If Seuss's homeboy can be swayed to the way of green eggs, I can hopefully handle a little dairy-=-

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