February 18, 2010

Hold the Pork-=- Day 1

I think I'll chronicle the next forty days of my crazy meat-free life.
Starting yesterday- I am not eating meat for forty days. 
I am even going to try and not cheat on Sundays- even though my pops told me you could.

I had some success with this last year.
A lot of people told me I should give up beer. I would save a lot of money and lose a lot of weight but it's not realistic.  I know because I tried a few years ago.  I gave up beer- then drank a lot of wine and whiskey;)

So meat it is.
I've been ordering a lot of veg in the last four months so it might not eevn be that much of a struggle.
We shall see.
DAY one-=  
I barely ate all day actually.
I went to a cheese tasting at Dibruno Brothers. I tried four different kinds- I can't tell you what they were though.
Next on the agenda- was Winter Olympics at Devil's Den.  I've been talking about wanting to try the new chef's food there for two weeks.  Last night was the night. or not.
I ran into friends, plus my sister and Megan Maguire  were both there.  And owners Scott and Erin.
I talk too much.  Never ate.

We end up at Sidecar- more on that later....

I had Fried Macaroni and Cheese Balls with a tomato dipping sauce.

Not exactly the best food to eat at 11 pm...but they were pretty spectacular.

They looked pretty similar to this but the image is actually from Google images.  They are fried mac and cheese from the Cheesecake Factory.

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