February 26, 2010

Hold the Pork Day 9

Ommegang's Megan Maguire had never been to Honey's Sit and Eat (4th and Brown). I thought that was sort of unacceptable. Granted- she just officially moved into the city last month- but still...  Their latkes and pear sauce our mandatory.  Their Jeb's biscuit sandwich is without a doubt a daymaker.

She loved it.  She sipped up the fresh squeezed orange juice and got the last 1/4 of her Jeb's biscuit sandwich to go-which I totally disagreed with- who gets eggs to go? Meg does.
She didn't for a second regret that we weren't in "an account." (Usually we try to support our peeps that support us- I rarely eat lunch in a place without a liquor license).

I opted for an omelet with veggie sausage (of course-ugh) prov, spinach, and tomatoes.  I was having some stomach issues (My pops calls it the Woods nervous stomach- the hypochondriac in me is on Web MD daily trying to diagnose)- so I didn't make it too far.  I ate more of my perfectly buttered swirled rye bread than anything else.They had my favorite re-occurring omelet on the menu the brisket one with the locally smoked cheddar and caramelized onions....oh the temptations!

That was breakfast. 
Dinner was at Earth bread+brewery.  Dogfish Head's Sam Calgione was in town- so Lance and I popped over to say hi.  A nice crew was there including one of my best buds- Wendy of DFH.  She was loving the Fort.  I had my Subaru so I was more concerned with flabreads. I stole some of Sam's  (sundried tomato and artichoke) then felt like I should get my own. Lance loves the seed- so we went that route.  It was great.  I had a bit of Raison D'Extra and some of Tom Baker's Irish Stout -which was just right for the night at 3% abv.

That should have done it for the day- but no- there was a gravitational pull around the graduate hospital area- and next thing I knew my car was semi-illegally parked at 22nd and Christian. I figured I should peak into the Ballast Point "three sheets" night -and see if anyone I knew was partaking at the Sidecar.

I met up with IPA pal Bronwen there- and that was the only familiar face besides- the recently named "Unpretentious beer geek of Philadelphia" Adam Ritter- and his ever- competent and witty staff.

Bronny and I shared a mushroom duxelle sandwich.  It was good- but I was full from flatbread- and now I'm just a gluttonous temporary vegetarian that tries to stuff as many non-meat items into my day as I can.
Highly attractive I know.
Thank God I don't own a scale.
Thank God I do have a gym membership- now if I would only use it.


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  1. I was there - left around 8:30. Tried lots of good BP brews. Sorry I missed you!