February 21, 2010

Hold the Pork Days 3, 4 and 5

So far I haven't had any temptations. Im not feeling all that creative now...so here's just a play by play on my Lenten Resolution.

was mussels ala mexican at Mcgillins Old Ale House.  They were served with Mexican seasonings, chorizo and black beans.  I held the Chorizo-and they still had a kick.  Lots of flavor, and rather plump mussels actually.

Saturday -
I was all snookified at Iron Hill.  I was so busy snookin it up I never got to eat. Then we went to Varga -where I should have eaten still didn't eat.  Then I went to bad puppy (good dog) and I STILL didn't eat.  Jose Pistolas would save the day right around midnight when I shoved a Veggie burrito in my face.

I left the Brunch decision up to Lance romance today.  He chose the P.O.P.E. I actually hadn't been there for two weeks so I agreed.  And I knew they always had vegan/veggie lovers options.  I went with the smoked salmon platter with scrambled eggs.  I was a bit excited to try the blueberry/banana mimosas I read about from their twitter page- but alas they were a thing of the past by the time Lance and I arrrived.

Dinner was some homemade pasta I made when I stayed in on Friday.  I through some tarragon and basil right into the dough.  I drizzled walnut oil over it- and added some cracked black pepper.
It was goooooood.

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