February 24, 2010

Hold the Pork Days 6 and 7

We met early on Monday at Sly Fox- giving me plenty of time after the meeting to grab  something to eat. I headed to the Stone Rose on Fayette street in Conshohocken.

It's different than most of the bars in Conshy.  I suppose you could say its more polished.  There's a restaruant in the back. The guest of Stella Blu or the Gypsy Salooon should feel right at home. I wish it was there during my brief one year stint in Conshy in 2004.

I had a refreshing crab and avocado salad with red pepper coulis and tons of cracked pepper.  It was the perfect mid-afternoon bite.  I sipped on an O'Reilly's stout that was creamier than my homemade whoopie pie filling. 

Later that night was the Tomme Arthur meet and greet at Memphis.    A bevy of beer reps were there before 5:15. Mark Weinman of Great Lakes, Megan Maguire of Duvel Moortgat/Ommegang. Wendy Domurat of Dogfish, Michael from Weyerbacher, Lee Marren of Stone, Jordan Fetfatzes from Bella Vista and more... Tomme got there around 6:15. The place was packed as expected.  It didn't take long for that delicious Red Poppy ( A Flanders-style red ale made with sour cherries and aged in French Oak barrels for one year) to be kicked.  The Mongo imperial IPA was fantastic as well.

But all that beer required another  vegetarian meal.  We decided to keep it in the Hartranft family and headed to Ressurection.  I had the Pumpkin risotto with the essence of ameretti in it.  It was an interesting addition I wouldn't have thought of myself. I really like that Joey Chimko.

Tuesday would be the Bells night at the P.o.p.e.  I had the  Veggie burger.  I've tried it before.  Its a rather hardy burger.  I advise to get salad on the side instead of fries so you don't overdo it. 

Lance Romance and I also headed to Dibruno Brothers (9th st) for a private cheese tasting.  Lance told me a few months ago he wanted to learn more about cheese...I did a bit of research on line and came up with barely anything except the TRIA cheese classes that are usually booked with a quickness. We brought a bunch of beer and Hunter And Zeke came up with different pairings.  I brought the 5 year old Orval I won in the Memphis Taproom Mystery Beer Weekend.  Lance said it had more of a developed brett character than one that was fresh.  Hunter carefully picked out one sheep, one cow, and one goat cheese to pair with every beer.  Although I'm not the biggest cheesehead in the world, Lance is...and we had a lovely time.  And I loved at least 6 of them. You can arrange for private tastings by emailing Hunter at hfike@dibruno.com.  Mondays through Thursdays are best.  It would be like a 6 till 8 thing.
They'll keep the store open too so you can buy a cheese that you particularly liked.

At one point in the evening Hunter breaks out this extraordinary iberian ham, that comes from Spanish black pigs that feasted soley acorns.  I know where I'm going on April 5th- when my Lenten resolution is retired.

That's all for now.

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  1. i'm just discovering that iberico lomo too... who knew acorns could lead to that!