February 17, 2010

If you still haven't had that VARGA bar cereal ice cream...

I've written about this frozen treat before, but I was reminded last Tuesday that it really is the churning of the Century.
Chef Evan Turney crushes the quinessential childhood carb down into a powder and emulisfies it into the ice cream.

It's one of my favorite things in Philadelphia. Below you have Apple Jacks, Peanut Butter Capin Crunch and Cinnamon Toast Crunch (my favorite of the 3 that day).  They actually switch them out every day.

Also not too shabby is Turney's roast pork.  The bun soft, the pork so succulent you need not dip it in the offered au jus. And just look at all that pulmonary artery clogging provolone...

During Varga lunch-= theyll get delicious grub to your table in under 20 minutes for under $10.
The lobster bisque/pork sammy combo below was just $9. 

Afterwards, we tried the new Maru Global on 10th st about 50 feet from Varga headed north.
The Chef Ryo Igarashi (formerly of Amada, hailing from Japan).  You can read more about the concept from Michael Klein here.

I only had two crepe-like balls of the takoyaki (traditional version with octopus)
Considering I just had lunch at Varga- it was a bit gluttonous of me.  I was so full from the tour de Turney-that I couldn't fully revel in the experience of Japanese fast food.
I promise to return with an empty stomach sooner than later. 

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  1. i'm pretty sure i dream about the peanut butter crunch & lucky charms ice cream on a weekly basis haha