February 12, 2010

Look out charm city-=here we come

I'm on amtrak about 20 minutes outside baltimore. lance romance is to m y left. hes working on his beer and food pairings for an upcoming iron hill beer dinner...i just finished reading us news and world report's issue on aging.

I gave him his first Valentine's treat which was a homemade red velvet heart shaped whoopie pie with almond accented fluff in the middle and cherry pistachio crumbs on the sides (chipwich style). I think it was a big hit but the treats so massive, I have no idea how he's actually going to consume it. He told me mine is being shipped and its not very romantic (shocker considering his name lance romance-not really). Apparently-its something I need and will be thankful for. Hmmm. Stay tuned.it probably has something to do with my car or kitchen.

Max's opens in an hr...if things go right we should be waiting outside for the doors to open...

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