February 18, 2010

My God, My Goodness, My Antonia

I rolled west last night.  It was High Gravity night at Sidecar.  I wasn't felling high abvs- however- they had a rare keg of My Antonia - a beer Sam Calgione brewed in Italy in collaboration with  Birra del Borgo.  It was an imperial pilsner...and it was one of the best beers I had all year.

When Lance and I ate at Vetri a few weeks back- we had an Italian pilsner there.  It drank like a rustic saison. This reminded me of that a bit.  I am not sure where the other kegs are landing (it's not even distributed by Origlio actually)...but you will want to try this beer named for the 1918 novel about a prairie family who tried to build a new life in Nebraska.

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