February 21, 2010

The Situation recapped with photos!

Yesterday was nothing short of crazy.

The Situation was released at
1 pm to a packed bar room at Iron Hill Maple Shade.

Lance's golden barleywine was hoppy with the perfect amount of bitterness.  It wasn't as golden as it was in year's past.  I actually preferred the "Sitations past" which was a 5 year old vintage oozing honey.

There was also the "Dark Situation" which was a blend of Russian Imperial Stout and the situation that was in a firkin.. I didn't get a chance to try that, but I heard good things.

There were only a few of us dressed like cast members from MTv's Jersey Shore reality tv show. 
Andrew Rutherford of YARDS really out did himself with a fancy new hair do.

His brother Paul and his lady friend, IDA got into it.

Our friends Ginny and Eric Brown dressed the part.

Lance himself and Casey Hughes of Flying Fish actually got spray tans on Friday night. 
Lance got his hairs cut for the first time since May 1 of 2008. 
It's so short - he can't even put it back in a ponytail!  The barber slicked it back for him.
He sported a brown Ed Hardy shirt.  And Actually didnt' look that bad- scarily enough.
Even scarier is that I started to resemble Snooki more than I ever thought I could.
The photos don't do the poof justice- but it was there.

Post snooki life is rough. I haven' had that much product in my hair since my sister's wedding in 2004.
The fake eyelashes luckily came off in the shower.  But it would have been funny if they didn't.
The snook over came with a heft price tag
$35 make up/bronzer
$15 fake eyelashes
$10 For Poof
$20 tip
$19.99 for Fuschia quasi members only jacket
$16.99 for Fuschia and Black tiger print dress.
$13 for tan in the can
$130   OUCH!
But it was worth it.  I now know I can make money as a snooki impersonator.
But I definitely gots to work on my accent in my spare time. 
Most of the photo credits go to Stephen Lyford.

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  1. That's funny as hell. You definitely looked like her, but better. I can't believe Chris cut his hair. At least now you know what to be for Halloween this year. HAHA.