March 23, 2010

12 Days till I eat bacon for Hours and Hours

I want meat!
Goat, Duck, Lamb, Steak, Chix, Pork, and more Pork.

I want the "arista" from Paesano's, the Duck breast from Pumpkin Market, that Iberian ham from Dibruno Brothers.  I want a burger for $5 from Misconduct on a Tuesday,I also want the burger from Royal Tavern, i want sliders from SPTR, I want carnitas from 9th st, I want everything from Percy St, I want those birch beer wings from Supper, I want Bacon!  Lots and lots of bacon.

A few weeks ago when Lance and I were having brunch at the P.O.P.E.- he purposely waved a piece of bacon under my nose.  I said "I would never do that to you."  To which he responded,
"I would never give up bacon."  Touche Lance.

It's been a challenge- but on the positive side-I've ordered things I would never had ordered otherwise.
I've been avoiding seitan for years.  I don't even think I can digest it. But I ordered it today.

I ordered the black bean soup (so good) from Royal Tavern and followed that with a Seitan Burrito.  It was also quite delicious- I couldn't tell what cheese was incorporated, but there was plenty of corn, and some jalapenos I believe. 

12 days to go (at).

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