March 30, 2010

Casey Hughes victorious after a potential tie at Pins and Pinups last night

I woke up this morn not knowing the results of pins and pinups at Varga Bar last night.  I texted one of the "pinup" girls to find out who the victor was.

This is the text I got in return:

"Well it was a tie so they had to do a chug off.  We had John Hobbs, so we won."

For those of you that don't know John Hobbs- he is the infamous hero of the  opossum massacre of Christmas of 08.  Also known for his ability to consume mass amount of beer in very short periods of time.

Congrats to Casey Hughes and The Flying Fish crew.  Also congrats to them for making a delicious beer in that of Exit 16.

It's 7:32 am and I am off to walk three blocks in the rain to my car to attend a seminar in the North East.  
If there ever was an ugh... Ugh.  

1 comment:

  1. They should name a beer after my bro - "The Opossum Massacre". It can be a quadrup... and he can chug it! -MH