March 17, 2010

Feats of Strengths and Weaknesses recapped with photos

Seeing Dan Conwway of Left Hand last night reminded me that I've yet to get my pics up from the "Feats of strengths and weaknesses" night. (Some mine, many Stephen Lyfords).

DFC did an outstanding job...but Lee Marren- ever the aggressor- of Stone Brewing wanted it a little bit more. He had his new lady friend there that night and wanted to make sure she knew what a catch he was.

When Lee took the crown, he accepted his victory by announcing that "I can spell bitches." Apparently his ability to spell words like brettanomyces gave him the competitive edge. I had a great time without a drinking. Lots of industry folks were out to support. I realized I don't suck at miniature golf when I focus, Nick Johnson was up to usual shenanigans, Casey Hughes came in last place, but I blame it on his Chinese food coma lingering from the afternoon.  Angie from Lancaster did a great job- also talented at miniature golf.  The emcee, Chris, told about 500 jokes and about 400 of them were funny, Scoats was a great host, and yes, fun was had by all us. (especially Nick Johnson).

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