March 17, 2010

Growing up Woods on St. Patrick's Day

Growing up Woods with 4 siblings was non-stop nuts. Holidays were always a big deal, laden with tradition. I think we're 75% Irish (like you couldn't tell). On St. Patricks Day, Mother Woods  (she likes being called mother- I always thought it too formal) took it to an extreme by making sure our brown bag was filled with all things green. (I guess this was more of a "Pryor" thing- my mother's maiden name)

A typical St. Patrick's Lunch would have Ecto Cooler (it's green) Grapes, Key Lime Yogurt and some gross sandwich with ice berg lettuce.(growing up her mother would give her mint jelly sandwiches- even grosser). The best part was the non-green item- the Irish Potato Candy.  Being the coconut lover that I am- they are one of my favorite treats.  I recently found out from Green Aisle Grocer, Adam Erace, that they are uniquely Philadelphian.  Seek them out today....and an O'Reilly's stout of course.


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