March 18, 2010

Hold the Pork Day ?

This whole hold the pork thing (and beef, duck, veal, chicken, etc...) has me eating a lot of mollusk.
 As mentioned two days ago- I had mussels twice. Some doctors are even recommending three portions of mussels a week to make the most of its omega-3 content.  For 3 oz of mussels- you get 20-20! grams of protein and only 6.3 grams of carbohydrates.

Today was mussel free.  I had this interesting spinach and farmer's cheese falafel served with a mound of basmati rice and grilled onion and eggplant.  Three of us at lunch got it...and I think all three of us could have shared one-but it was good.  Having eaten there three times in the last three weeks, I can tell you The Abbaye always serves up scrumptious.

Also- The Abbaye is a great place to take a large group to lunch.  Keep it in mind for next time.

Tonight- I took it e a s y- as I have events all weekend again.  I'll be at the Atlantic City Beer Fest all Sat and Sunday so I'll be missing the Real Ale Fest at YARDS. Perhaps I will see some of you in AC.

Lance was c r a v i n g General Tsos. He usually reserves Chinese for lazy Saturday I thought it odd, but I was happy to help him find some in my hood.

We went to Asia@ Cafe.
Totally bizzaro. I gave it 60 seconds. I thought we were going to leave but we stayed- he was "wicked starving," so he said. (Lance lived in Boston for 6 years).
The tables looked like a vfw hall, the back one was used for an office of sorts.  I think Rocky was on the tv.  There was one other table.  Its the closest restaurant to my house other than Bibou (and it wasn't a bibou night) that I have never been to in 8 months.  Now I kind of know why.  Maybe well do it again as a takeout, but never a dine-in.

I made up my own dish.  They had a coconut milk chicken on the menu. I asked to switch the chix to shrimp.  They were very obliging.  It was pretty good, but it had those weird salad bar mini cobs of corn in there.  Can't stand those things (my pops loves them).

Came home and sipped on some green tea.  We popped in New York, I love you.
and we did not love it.

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