March 4, 2010

Hold the Pork Days 10,11,12, 13, and 14

So I get a lil busy. And you probably don't care much about me not eatin meat anyway.
Friday-I think I forgot to eat
Sataurday- was World Cafe's fest. I made eggs in the morning- the snacked on some pizza at Dock St.
around 7. I hadn't been there in a while...and there pizza really is as good as I remembered.  I usually get the flammenkuche one- but my sausage-free life did not permit.

I started off my day with my favorite luxury- the canelle.  This time I picked 3 up at the Pumpkin market on south st. I might even like them more than Metropolitans.

Later- I made pasta again.  Every time I make it (which is four times now-- Casey parker) I try to make a different sauce.  This time I had this spinach, garlic, Parmesan, white wine, onion thing going on.  It was pretty good.  Like if Vetri tossed his paperdelle in a spinach dip- but not really.


I ate more pasta.

Lance and I went to supper on our way to our smackdown at Varga.  I was happy to see a nice crowd in there.  We sat at the bar- where we're always more comfortable.  We snacked on some deviled eggs(they still do a deviled egg of the day) and crab latkes.  Rumor has it they are about to put a 3 tap tower in as well. The bar is super nice -Id like to see them more considered in that realm and not just as a restaurant- although they are a mighty fine one.

Everything bagel and cheese at the Dibruno Brothers happy hour.  That bagel kept me filled all day long.

Today- who knows? I am on a ridewith in Chester County.  First stop? Wegmans-=-

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  1. Metro's canelé are very tasty.

    Pumpkin Market's canelé are best on Wednesday and Saturday.