March 31, 2010

I always wanted to have a Wishing Well right by my house-=-=

Monday, April 5th - two great things will be happening.

I will be eating meat again....AND the Wishing Well Public House is opening a mere 3 blocks from my house.

The location of 9th and Fitwater has been problematic for restaurant owners in the past. Mezze and Pat Bombinos both closed the doors after short stints.

But the folks behind Wishing Well- (Carmen Cappello and Chris Martino) are already making some great decisions. Plenty of craft on draft (Bells Oberon, Terrapin Rye), and their grilling up a famous burger known by the name of "Shame" with scrapple, egg, and cheese on top.

I'll get a sneak peak tomorrow night and report back.
Also- for interested ladies-I am arranging for this to be the next beer club on Wed, April 14 at 7:30.

What a great day.  The plants in my courtyard are springing up green again.
And I can almost taste the can o Royal Weisse I'll have later today.

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