March 1, 2010

It's a PPA miracle! I finally beat a ticket.

I got the most pleasant surprise in the mail Saturday.
Granted it would've been better if it was a financial reward of some sort...but at least it wasn't a bill.

About a month ago- I had received a ticket while at a faulty meter in Chestnut Hill.
I was buying my lil nephew Mikey a frog- similar to the African fat frog I had growing up. I put a sufficient amount of coin in the meter- and went about my frog business quickly.
I come out and I have a ticket. I told the meterman that I had put in money then it went out of order.

He gave me a number to call and contest. I thought- like their really gonna let me slide...

The same organization that has gotten thousands and thousands of dollars out of me?

Kept me from trips to New Zealand?

When they expanded their 9th and filbert building- I was just about to insist they name a wing after me.

I would be at fault somehow!
But I called. I filed the official complaint against the faulty meter and I WON!

I would still like to sit in on a job interview with these people.
What are the prerequisites?
Exactly how much do you have to hate your fellow man/woman?

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