March 29, 2010

Pins n' Pinups CHAMPIONSHIP- tonight Varga Bar 9 pm

I'm kind of bummed because I will be missing the VARGA Pins and Pin up finals tonight.

Bummed because Triumph and Flying Fish are such $%^&talkers-and I won't get to see one of them eat their words.

They both know how to rally a group (cuz that's what this seemed to be more about), and both beers are really solid (Uber pils from Triumph and Exit 16 from flying Fish).

I'm most bummed that I won't get to see my best gals dress up like vintage Pin up girls.
The bout begins at 9 pm.  First half keg kicked wins.

But I will be at Bridgids in case you're in the Art Museum Area.
We started a late happy hour last week.  So Sly Fox cans are $2 and American Craft Drafts are all 4.  Glasses of Wine are $5 from 9 till 11.

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