March 16, 2010

Still Holding the Pork: My Week in Eats

So I give my self and A for effort.  I finally ate meat yesterday at the Brewer's Plate (although now I am back on the veggie wagon already- remember Dad said I can cheat on Sundays and you always have to listen to your Pops.)  After the Feats of Strengths and Weaknesses event at Grey Lodge- I came home and looked up all the pairings.
Pork- everywhere!

Out of 21 restaurants (that had the potential to bring a savory dish) 8 had Pig (38%).  This is a mere 5 days after PW's " Snout to Tail" Issue, and one week after acclaimed chef Jim Burke of JAMES had an "Exploring the pig" dinner.

So apparently The Pig is hip.  Here are some of the offerings at the Brewers Plate. Unfortunately I barely made it into the Rotunda. I barely made it around. Never saw the chocolates. Nothing. When I got a break- I ran into people I hadn't seen in a while, and talked too much. The good news is Sly Fox was paired with one of the best bites in the museum.  Royal Tavern did a take on their Chicken Franky- a popular Indian Wrap served on the streets of Mumbai.

Curry Chicken, Indian Coleslaw and Chili Mayo on Lovash Chips.
If I didn't get to eat anything else all day- I would've been just fine.  The curry was that good.

Back to Pig:

South Wark had Pig Head Porcetta with Radish Salad & House-made BBQ Potato Chips
London Grill's Pastrami Cured Pork Belly Sandwiches on Stoudts Bakery Bread (i later got to try the dark wheat bread- awesome)
Tamarind-jaggery Glazed Pork Shoulder from BINDI
Vietnamese Shrimp Cocktail with House-made Pork Jerky From SPTR
Pork Spare Rib with a Victory Storm King Stout Sauce from
BBQ Pulled Pork Sandwich with Whiskey BBQ Sauce & Cole Slaw from Village Whiskey
Smoked Meats from El Camino
House Made Garlic Sausage & Pink Lady Apple Pinchos from Bar Ferdinand

I'm back to no Pork.

So today was sushi.  The Ommegang Queen and I went to kisso
We got there rather late- but they were  accomodating.
We had some green tea- oozing antioxidants.  We got a few of the specials including a tuna roll that in addition to having spicy tuna on the interior, they  had a seared tuna on top. That was my favorite. A lot of the other spicy stuff we ordered packed a bit too much heat.

Saturday was Hummus at Johnny Brendas.
I stopped eating Hummus in 2005.  I used to work at a restaurant that my favorite thing on the menu was their Greek plate- so I ordered it almost everyday. How do you mess up hummus, feta, grape leaves and tomatoes. You don't.

So I ate so much hummus that year-that until recently I couldn't look at the mashed chickpeas any more.
Then Zahav enters the picture.  I bought some at the Green Aisle Grocery on Passyunk last week- thinking it would be a treat for the raging panda of a roommate.  I ended up loving it soo much I ate a lot of it (with help from little Woods).  I didn't think I would have it again so soon, but Saturday's Johnny Brendas was so packed, Lance and I couldn't find a table and  Origlio's craft sales pro, Jim Wiggins was there with Jim Wiggins sr (aka Big Jim) and his friend Bob inviting us to join them at their table. Jim gets hummus all the time, thus- how I came to try it for the 2nd time in 2 weeks.
I also ordered the French Toast.  I usually leave the sweet stuff to Lance at brunch- but the meat-heavy menu featuring an Irish Breakfast was not on my lenten lineup. It had a yummy whiskey apple compote.
I only made it halfway through but it was good.

Tuesday was SideCar's Flatbread. It was a beautiful day out.  Pals Johnny Goodtimes  and Art Etchells joined me for a late lunch as I got the latest scoop on Adam Ritter (sidecar head homeboy) new spot, Kraftwork to open up at Girard and Montgomery this spring.  The flatbread hit the proverbial spot with fresh mozz and basil. Pikeland Pilsner was on tap providing a delightful pairing.

Later that night I had what would be my first of seven events in five days at Ressurection.  I always have to eat when I go it was scallops and shrimp.  The scallops were mutant and delicious served with a little fennel on the side.

Sidenote: Brendan Hartranft gets credit for the most innovative firkin stand I've witnessed in a bit.  A simple cinder block would provide the base stand for the firkin of Gang Aft Agley to rest on.

I made Zucchini Parmesan one night for dinner. 
Way to take something remotely healthy for you and turn in into a bowl of grease.
Wednesday night was my Abbaye promo- Lentil Wrap.  Quite Good. Grateful for the salad on the side because Lord knows I don't need fries.
Thursday night was my Good Dog promo.  I snacked on some delicious mussels.  When you think
Good Dog you always think Burger- but I encourage you to try something else next time you're there.

Friday- Lance brought me home Tuna from Iron Hill. It was paired with a warm lentil salad. I enjoyed.
Saturday was mahi mahi tacos at Grey Lodge. Scoats was kind enough to buy all the local reps dinner that participated in the FEATS competition. It was good sustenance to energize me for battle.

I still have to make it to a bunch of Vegetarian spots before I take up the pig again. Of course I know about Horizons and Mi Lah. I hope to make it to newcomer Thoreau on Spring Garden for their
Blue plate: Rosette of purple Okinawa sweet potatoes atop sweet corn gravy, grilled avocado with edamame succotash, brochette of Szechwan carrot syrup, glazed shiitakes or their Tamarind Peanut Noodles: Soba noodles in sweet-lightly spicy tamarind glaze, fingerling potatoes, roasted shallots, green and white asparagus, many herbs. Topped with crunchy watercress-purple beet salad and chopped peanuts.

Suggestions welcome.

Thanks for reading.

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