April 14, 2010

Hans-Pete Drexeler visits Philly. Copious amounts of Schneider Weisse consumed

Yesterday Hans Peter Drexler came to our fair city. 
He was so kind and willing to speak and take photos with everyone.
I was proud to present him with a can of Royal Weisse from Sly Fox and let him know that our Brewer Brian was a big fan.  Little did I know before I arrived that Devil's Den owner, Scott Wallace was already telling Drexler all about Brian.

Most of the locations that he visited were pouring a variety of Schneider beers.

the Edel Weisse
The Orignial Schneider Weisse
the Eisbock
The Hopfenweisse (collaboration with Brooklyn brewery)

Varying locations would pour varying sizes.  Thus some people were getting pretty tipsy- but I won't mention any names.

I kept it to one original Schneider Weisse at the Devil's Den- I recall thinking it was darker than I had imagined last time I had one.

I tried a side-by-side comparison of the Hopfenweisse from Schneider brewery and the Hopfenweisse from Brooklyn.  Lance told me that Drexel subjected himself to some ridicule from other German brewers for using American Hops.  I found that interesting.  But when you think about it-It's the Belgians that are embracing our hops with beers like Houblon, and Urthel Hop It. As well as the Scottish brewery Brew Dog- with collaborations like Bahsah.  But German Breweries? Can you think of any outside of Schneider?

And I had a few sips of the cask of Eisbock at Brauhaus Schmitz.

That was intense as expected- booze oozing and poppin prune and dark fruit flavor.

Also to be noted of the night-= I had a few of my first bites at Devils Den under the regime of the new chef, Alex Urena.  I enjoyed a few mussels, some oysters, Pulled Pork Flatbread (made with Sly Fox) and some "Cheese Balls."  They reminded me of a Mozz stick in a 360 degrees form.  They were served with smokey sauce of sorts that went well with a sip of the Sly Fox Instigator Doppelbock.

A large crew of local beer peeps came out to support Drexler at Brauhaus.  You had Mike Pearlman of Stouts, Dan Conway of Left Hand Brewing Co, The Foodery Guys Ruby and Greg, Mat Falco of Philly Beer Scene, Local Bartender Buddy Morris of Jose Pistolas, Chris "Biscuit" of TIME, Jennie Hatton of Profile PR, Lance Romance, and Leslie Spellman of Bridgewaters, Tom Pittakas of Misconduct, and Kate a lovely bar tender from Iron Abbey. I am sorry if I forgot anyone but it's early.

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