April 22, 2010

Happy Birthday Mike Fava-=-=damn glad to know you

Mike Fava's got to be one of the nicest, cutest fellas in Philadelphia.

 I was having a conversation with a friend the other day about attractive people.  Her philosophy was that good looking people should be nice.  They should be grateful for their looks and have a generally pleasant demeanor.  I agree.  So why are hot girls always so bitchy???

Fava is a perfect example of someone who's easy on the eyes, yet kind and intelligent. 
He's an excellent brewer, cook, and athlete.

And on this earth day, celebrating our green world, we- in the beer community are fortunate to celebrate that he's in ours.

This is what his main squeeze Lora had to say:

"The first thing I noticed about Mike, besides his obvious handsomeness and charm, was his passion for beer. It's not just a "wooo let's get drunk" love of beer but something a lot deeper.  It's pretty impossible not to be attracted to someone like that."

A Haiku from Gal Pal April Annie:

Mike Fava, a haiku

Who would think that a 
rough, tough guy like fava would
love Lisa Lisa?
When I asked Troegster Nick Johnson to share a nice sentiment on Fava's special day--he contributed a sketch...Of course not one of his own artistic ability...
This one's for you Fava- the new extended mix....


  1. on a less serious note, my general sentiments can be summed up in a poem that begins:

    "Michael Fava is SOOOo nice
    If I could I'd clone him TWICE
    Thrice the cooking, thrice the beers
    Three times as many hockey cheers..."

    then you can kinda fill in the blanks about the awesomeness that would ensue if we had multiple Favas roaming around the city. yay!!!!

  2. aww--this is so sweet! and so right-on. but now i want a belated b-day shout out.

  3. Michael should be doing less celebrating his birthday and more taking out the recycling. NO MORE DRINKING!