April 13, 2010

I'll Have Another Stout and a NEW CAMERA!

I've had a bad week with technology. 

*My gym misplaced my Ipod. 
*My Phone kaputted on me while away.  Nothing worse than being at a conference and not being able to reach people to meet up.
*Then I misplaced my camera on the first day of the trip. Mid-afternoon- I was snapping shots of tapas at the Purple Pig when I left it there.

I was out there as media- so I needed to fix the sitch immediately.
Immediately being the next day as soon as I confirmed that I wasn't getting it back.

I walked Michigan Ave to Best Buy and bought me a new Canon.  My last one was a Powershot SD 110IS.  This is the upgrade of the upgrade (SD1300 IS).  So I am at 12.1 Megapixels as opposed to 8.  I've got 4X zoom, and it performs remarkably in low light.

You'll probably be able to tell as you notice the small grains in the bread resting on my Caprese Omelet at the P.o.p.e. yesterday. My Jpeg quality went from 70 to 88.

Also it should be noted that the P.o.p.e had an Ice Cream Cookie Sandwich on the chalkboard.
I am not sure of the staying power of this frozen treat. But I've put my two cents in.  Its $4 and it's scrumptious.

You can almost hear your dentist whispering in your ear, "Don't do it." But you should totally do it.

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