April 20, 2010

In Pursuit of Shame??? Beer Club at the Wishing Well tomorrow

Tomorrow night-= I am calling all meat-eating beer-loving ladies to the new Wishing Well Public House to consume mini shame burgers in large quantities in short amounts of time.
The Shame burger is a patty (I hate that word) topped with scrapple cheese and a fried egg. 

Prizes will be awarded for your gluttonous effort.

The Wishing Well (I think in time people will just say they're going to "the well") opened its doors to the Bella Vista Neighborhood on April 5th. A friendly staff, thoughtful food and great beers make it a most welcome addition.

Email me at beerlass@gmail.com to RSVP and for more details.

Go time is  7:30
Where to go?? 9th and Catherine

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