April 5, 2010

Rewind on the weeks <<< Atlantic City Recap

I haven't caught up since Atlantic City two weeks ago.

AC was fun.  The crowd seemed a tad younger than in years past.
I thought I could handle the booth mostly by myself- which proved to be an insane assumption.
I had some help on Saturday- but Sunday was rough.

The beer bitches shared a room.  Megan Maguire from Ommegang Duvel and Wendy from Dogfish Head arranged for the room- and all I had to do was get them coffee in the am.  Which I failed at doing both days.  And  I really wish I would have just made more of an effort because now I am reminded about it daily.

I had a promo that Friday at Campbells Place in Chestnut Hill.  We tapped a firkin of O'Reillys stout, as well as Royal Weisse and Saison.  It was a nice night.  Joe Gunn and Family Gunn came, as did a few others.  It was a beautiful day- the french doors were open to the balcony where a women was playing Irish Session music. Here's a shot of a confused Joe Gunn with baby Tiger.

I get to AC just about midnight.  I arrive to a beer-filled gang at McCormick And Schmicks (I know- weird choice but its an annual tradition?).  The Gals- Megs and Wendy were doing a beer boycott and were in Margaritaville.  I played copy cat and joined them.

We then walk out into the lobby where Wendy finds the same machine she won $130 on last year. With one pull at the slots she wins $75.

We (yes we) took her winnings and we went to "The Pool" because the Hunterdon Prez Dave Masterson wanted to.  It was the worst but I'm sorta glad we stopped in because Wendy had never been to a "club" before.  It cost $10 to get in for "DJ Jason" and $10 a pop for drinks.
Last year we couldn't get in because of Dan Conway's wardrobe. Which I still don't understand- because I am pretty certain he was sporting respectable yacht wear.

Our time there was limited to one- and we were back to the rooms to sip on some Sly but not before we would take a couple great pics-some not fit for I'll Have Another Stout-= but I can share this one. I'm the Card Shark?

The next morning- we managed to get ourselves to the Convention Center and pour beer all day.  That night  we went to The craft beer club that is Firewaters.  We hung out with the Terrapin guys for a bit. Then we went to the Circle Bar- where a huge Philly Crew was imbibin'- a lil Dan Conway, Mike Pearlmen, and others.  It was there that I danced the night away with Nick Johnson.  The next day I woke up to get ready to work the festival again- and my first thought was- "I danced with Nick Johnson." (to be said in the same tone that Jennifer Grey uses in Dirty Dancing when she says, "I carried a watermelon?")  It was kind of hard to face the day as I remembered that morsel.

Megan and I drove out of AC anxious to get back to Philly.  She was starving.  I was not. But thought we could recap the weekend that was one more time over Crabs.  She had never been to Snockeys.

They actually had Flying Fish on tap.  I got barbecued oysters and glazed carrots.  I know- random.
We shared some crab legs and sipped on some root beer.

Here are a few more pics from AC.

This fellow was so intoxicated that he tried to drink the left over beer that had spilled into my icebath bin. We're talking Black Razz, Pilsner, water, Rt. 113 and Saison all mixed up.

Right before or right after this lad had an episode of regurgitation

My Seafood Empanadas from Los Amigos (since I wasn't eating meat)

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