April 15, 2010

So Long, Farewell, Alvederzein-= The Move is Imminent !

This Sunday, the original brewpub of Sly Fox Brewing Co., will be pouring their last pints.
The date on the new Sly brewpub opening on the otherside of Rt 113 is up in the air- although there is the sweet promise of goats in your future on May 2nd...So you can guess the wait won't be long.

I have a bike ride (Ill be sporting my new Sly Fox Jersey) on Sunday out in the Limerick area so I will be headed to the pub afterwards on Sunday afternoon.  As gross as I'll be after a 25 miler- (which is nothing in the big scheme of things I know)
I really hope to see some of you there- looking at you once again John Doherty;)

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