April 12, 2010

Way to go guys-= Iron Hill takes home Large Brewpub of the year honors at World Beer Cup

It was pretty darn exciting to be sitting amongst the Iron Hill Brewery Folk on Saturday night.
There was a slow start to their success...having not been announced a medal nearly half way through the ceremony, but once they received their first medal- Bob  Barrar, Justin Sproul and Mark Edelson didn't have a chance to sit down for a long duration the rest of the night.

There were 90 categories and the first medal announced was

 Category #44 Belgian Style Sour Ale
Bronze: Lambic de Hill (Media)

Category #46 Belgian Style Dubbel
Bronze: Iron Hill Abbey Dubbel

Category #65 British Style Imperial Stout

Silver: Crazy Ivan
and Gold: Russian Imperial Stout

Category #87 American Style Sour Ale
Gold Medal Raspberry Torte

In addition to being extremely talented brewers- it could barely be argued that they are some of the nicest people around.  

Oh and it's nice to know I've got a jeroboam of that Russian Imperial Stout waiting for me to pick up;)

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