April 5, 2010

Week in Review-=- Hey Josh Ritter-= Do you like lavender?

Thursday March 25th my oldest nephew William turned 5.

Friday was Free at Noon-=  Josh Ritter performed.  He's got the nicest way about him-=amazing energy as he jumps all over the stage with his non-stop smile.

My sister met me on the mezzanine.  The owner couldn't make
it so the General Manager totally hooked us up and gave us his seats.
We shared one of the sofas with David Dye and his guest.  Having worked at World Cafe for a year- I think David might recognize my face- but I am not sure.  We did have a gent seating between us- so I didn't make an effort to say hi.

I just sat in my seat, sipped on a Racer 5, and took in the sounds of one of America's best songwriters.
With about 20 minutes left in the show- I started to smell the lavender oil I had in my coat pocket.  I meant to leave it in my car.  I love lavender and I often have it in my car to assist in soothing me during stressful sales days or I put a few drops on my pillow at night.  The oil is super concentrated.

I notice the cap is loose and when I got to tighten it- I loosen it even more.  Suddenly the oil is all over and it has permeated the air around me.  I know for certain David and his company can smell it, perhaps even Josh Ritter could smell it 60 feet away.  I am nothing short of mortified and there's nothing I can do to stop the stench.  I just have to wait for the concert to end. The gentleman next to me starts shifting and feeling the sofa to see if something spilled. 
He must think me to be so obnoxious.
I swear I'm not.
I don't even wear perfume. I can't stand the stuff. 

He'll be back at the TLA on May 7th. You should go.

The next day is Lady Date day.  We were celebrating best friend April Annie's bday a bit early.

The raging panda, the birthday girl and I headed out to Doylestown for a day of shopping, nails, and pizza.  Three thing that make April very happy.

We sip on some Sophia Coppola Blanche de Blanche then got pizza from Jules.  I heard nothing but praise for this independent pizza shop (now with 3 locations). They use all organic ingredients.  The atmosphere is open, clean and fresh.  And- get this- when flour and cheese went down in price- they actually passed their savings on to their guests by lowering their price.

The pizza pictured above was my favorite. It featured edamame, caramelized onions, riccota and a bit of mint.

After we shoved pizza pie in our faces-=we got our nails done. I am usually pretty traditional with the toes- classic french manicure.  But-since it was April's Birthday and she is fond of vibrant colors I went blue.  The polish was called "Suzy says Feng Shui," so I saw that to be a sign.Apes went Green and Raging Panda went with a raging shade of Orange- called " A good Mandarin is hard to find."

That night was Los Lobos and Leo Kotke at the Keswick.  I had the girls drop me off to meet up with Lance Romance and friends Tim and Brendan. Meetup spot was the G and G Brewpub across the street from the theater.  I had never heard of it- neither had Lance, nor Tim and Brendan- both beer people as well.  While there- we had a nice run-in with Jimmy Meiers of Origlio Bev.

The operation was small. The brewery was actually behind double doors in a closet.  They wouldn't let us take a peak.  I didn't eat, but I had a couple beers.  There were no major off characteristics.  They were served a wee bit warm. We were all pretty fascinated by the whole thing.  Being so small, can they get enough people in their to pay the bills?  Why carpet in a bar?  Why is their food menu so simple? Why are there co2 tanks in the bathroom?

With a few tweaks - it could be a really special place. But for right now- it's just cool that there's a brewpub across the street from a rock and roll venue.
The concert was great. Leo had more energy then he did when we saw him last October in Mt. Gretna.
I have never listened to much Los Lobos.  I enjoyed it but got quite sleepy towards the end.  We made it back to the city and joined Tom Peters at Monks.  I had some delightful scallops and tried their buffalo frog legs as well.  Lance and I deemed them not to be meat since they can swim in water.

I really enjoyed them until the last five bites when I remembered my only childhood pet, Prince Frogford the 3rd, my african fat frog.

  Also of note- was this sign in the jewelry store next door to the G and G Brewpub.
Made me chuckle.

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