May 26, 2010

Beer Week in the Sly Fox World- all 33 events

This doesn't really provide the fascinating details on each event-  just a glimpse so you can predict which event really did me in....33 in all for the brewery.

Date/ Place/Event Time

Thur   3rd Iron Abbey 6 pm- 8 pm

Fri  4th Jose Pistolas 12 pm-3 pm

Standard Tap 3pm-6 pm

Bar Ferdinand 6 till 8 pm

Opening Tap 7:30-10 pm

Sat  5th Globar Beer Expo @ Simeone 12-3 pm  4:30-7:30

Phoenixville Pub Crawl 1-5 pm

Beers on Broad St-Ken Sq 1-5 pm

Beermuda Triangle 1 - 4pm

King Pin 3:00 PM

Can Crawl 3:30 pm- 6 pm

Sun  6th Smoke em if yous got em 11:00 AM

Brunch at Coopers/Jakes in Myunk 1- 3 pm

Collect the pint at McGlincheys 1-4 pm

Mon  7th Sly Fx & the Family Stone-Side 5-9 pm

Doobies with William Reed 10:00 PM

Tue 8th Barbecue Night at the P.o.p.e. 7:00 PM

TJS local firkins event 6 -10pm

Nice Cans- Delilahs 10-12 am

Wed  9th Southwark Happy Hour 5-7 pm

Local Brewers Pub Crawl @BAR 8:00 PM

Firkin Riot @ Johnny Brendas 12 pm -12:00 am

Thu 10th Rembrandts Lunch 12:00 PM

CHIFA Happy Hour 5 pm- 7 pm

IPA beer club PARTY w/Sly 8 pm - ?

Klash of the Kaisers w/Triumph 12 pm- All Day

Get ur Fill of Pils-Grey Lodge 4pm-9pm

Fri  11th Firkin off @ Good Dog 7 pm- 9 pm

Sat  12th Randy Mosher@ HeadHouse 12-3, 4-7, 8-11

Doobies Take it in the can for pets 12- all day

Smores w/O'Reilly's TapHouse 8 pm- 10 pm

Sun  13th Zythos @ Penn Museum 12-3 pm and 4-7 pm

T.U.D. @ Fergies 7:00 PM

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