May 26, 2010

Latest happenings at Woodsies Ice Cream Shoppe

I'm incessantly being inspired by random ingredients I spot.  This could be anywhere from Dibrunos brothers to that semi-gross pantry section at Marshalls.  I pick up random chocolate bars filled with random crunchy things thinking, "I bet I could make an ice cream with this."

This has led me to my two most recent icecreams. 
"P, B, and C, and N"  and "You put the thyme in the coconut"

I came up with Peanut Butter cinnamon after finding cinnamon peanut butter on a market shelf.
My vision was to create a cinnamon ice cream as a base..then swirl the peanut butter through.  I accidentally added nutmeg when I should have added the cinn.  So it tasted like eggnog. It was sort of delicious.  But I couldn't stop there. I had the peanut butter so I figured I would add it in when the ice cream was half frozen, thus creating a "ribbon effect."  Instead it emulsified into the ice cream, and I was left with some split personality- half eggnog, half peanut butter ice cream.

It was good.  Different but good.

Next up I was inspired by a dark chocolate bar I bought.  It had thyme crunchies in it.
I had already had coconut milk. So I stovetopped that with some roasted coconut, and fresh thyme.
I drained it out so it would have an accent of thyme without overwhelming my ice cream guinea pigs.
Then when it was in the maker, I shredded in the chocolate bar.  This is ok.  I liked the concept more than the result.  I don't think I let the "custard" cool down in the fridge long enough before I put it in the maker.  A $6 lesson in patience.

Next up- Batch #9- is either Key Lime Pie or Cantaloupe, Honey, and Vanilla....

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  1. Our favorite, by far, from our own period of experimentation is marscapone pine nut.