May 13, 2010

Munk and Nunn and other things popping up in the Yunk

Last week the area saw three openings.  Kraftwork and City Tap House were much publicized on blogs and such, but there was another one in Manayunk. An important one considering the lack of craft beer enthusiasm on Main st. in the Yunk. (outside the brewpub, and Flatrock- most of the better beer is up a hill)

Inqy's Insider, Michael Klein first mention the revamp of Zesty on Main St in Manayunk at the end of April here.  They're now open for biz.  Well I guess they never really shut down. Guests just had to sustain some noise from construction and a weird crossover on the taps for a few weeks.

I don't have their total draft lineup. I do know you can get a Pikeland Pils if you want one;)

There are a few pews and  paintings of more pews on the walls.  It's interesting.  And as the cliches goes, you'll have to see it for yourself.

They've overhauled the Greek menu, and now includes a wide range of dishes.  But if you want a gyro or a lamb burger, you're good to go.  You just now have better beer with which to wash it down.

In other Yunker news, the Terrace Taproom has been quietly building their list and a better beer crowd on Terrace St. Sandwiched right between Old Eagle and Dawson St. Pub.  You can follow them on twitter here at  Where you can get updates such as:

Tonight, $10 gets you 3 bottles of beer. Flight America is Boulder Sweaty Betty, Voodoo Pilzilla & Furthermore Fatty.& The European flight option is Fullers ESB, Spaten Optimator & Sammy Smith Nut Brown Ale via HootSuite

They only have five drafts as of now.  And no kitchen.  But bartenders that really care and a mixed bag clientele, which in my opinion always makes for a good bar, e.g. The Flying Pig.

The current Pours
Ballast Point Wahoo Wheat
Victory Golden Monkey
Yards IPA
Ommegang Hennepin Ale
He’Brew Jewbelation Bar Mitzvah


  1. Hey Bobby Boy:
    Now that all of your friends said how good Munk and Nunn is..Well let me say Hello..
    Your food is garbage.. you pawn off market ground beef for Colby Beef.. Your prep area and food holding area is full of cock roaches and rats. Oh, and speaking of rats.. your weasel pop makes those young girls wear nuns outfits and he screws his help in weekly pay.. paying them only what he wants.. what a pig !!!

  2. Munk and Nunn is just another lame main st tourist trap....decor is all over the place...what a disaster. I made it in twice and wasn't impressed either time.