May 21, 2010

Not sure if this is old news already but Lancaster to can new Kolsch

Some of you might already know this...but I just saw my first can of it on Saturday so I thought I would share the graphic as its not out in the market yet.

Lancaster Brewing Co is putting out a kolsch in a can.  It will be contracted throught the Lion.

The can thing has caught on big time.

John of Exton Beverage told me they are  doing a can event during Philly Beer Week and they have 18 craft beers in a can now.

Anderson Valley Summer Solstice is now available in cans as well.

Oh and have you tried the Rt. 113 IPA yet? 
It's  hotter than hot cakes.


  1. woah, have you seen the summer solstice cans anywhere in philadelphia or just know they're actually doing it?

  2. I saw them at Exton Beverage in the burbs. They've got to be at the Foodery, BREW, or Hawthornes by now.