May 3, 2010

Take Your Momma out for a Beer this Sunday

This Sunday- Mother's Day- I suggest you take your momma out for a beer.  Why not?  According to the Brewer's Association there are  125 different style and counting...
Teach her that beer exists beyond the common golden lager.
Perhaps a Unibroue ephemere with a crisp apple accent. A Bells two-hearted IPA with that beautiful floral character?
A chocolate stout? A refreshing saision- paired with a lite bite-illustrate how food and beer can complement or contrast each other.

A few bars I would suggest- lunch at Beau Monde, Bridget Foys, Bridgids, Memphis Taproom, or Ressurection,  Devils Den, The Abbaye, Standard Tap, Teresa's in Wayne or TJS in Paoli.  Or you can stop at the Foodery at 10th and Pine then head to Kanella BYO at 10th and Spruce for Brunch.

Here are a  few words from the Scissor Sisters

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