May 14, 2010

Talk to Me

It was recently brought to my attention that its difficult to comment on my blog.
I guess that's why I don't get a lot of comments. I changed the settings from open id after someone told me to change my name from beer lass to fat ass.

But its been a while, and at the risk of the not -so -nice guy or gal doin' the same thing, I changed it back.

So comment away.


  1. Good choice. As you've doubtles already learned on Twitter, there's always a jerk out there ready to say /something/ un-called for. The choice is to unplug from the Web, or just learn to roll with it.

  2. Oh, hey cool. I've enjoyed this blog for quite a while and sadly could not figure out how to comment.

    Keep up the good work!

  3. That's messed up.

  4. Lakisha (your facebook friend)May 14, 2010 at 5:34 PM

    Suzanne whoever said such a terrible thing should be boiled in oil!!! Do you know that you have introduced me to yumminess like beer and cheese tasting at World Cafe Live? You are cute, cheeky and a woman's man woman (if that makes any sense). :)

  5. Great article in Philly magazine!

  6. YES! I haven't been able to post here for ages and now I am stoked to do so again. Thank you! If anyone insults your lovely person, just remember they are probs. sitting alone at their laptop in dirty skivvies while you are out conquering craft beer universe.