May 31, 2010

Yet another uneventful Memorial Day Weekend.

I'm not really one for the shore. As I was explaining to Lance- once I get there, I can enjoy myself, but the transport kills me. Last year we went to Cape May for about 5 hours...and we were on the road as long as we were there. 

So when it comes to a big beach get away weekend, I stay in South Philly (when I'm not doing distributor samplings).  I  spent a lot of the weekend by myself which was nice considering the crazy beer week ahead of me.

I did a distributor sampling at Philly Beer Co. on Friday night. I sold just 3 cases, and saw enough to depress me for the rest of the weekend.  I was in bed by 10 pm after a burger at Lucky 7 in Fairmount on Friday.  Saturday was yet another sampling at Beer Etc. in Hatfield, Pa.  They said they had me double booked with Gretz distributors, but by the time I left they weren't there yet. I sold 6 cases and had two visits from city pals, including beer runner Kevin Mudrick and Dogfish's Wendy Domurat.  That was much appreciated, making the time go by fast. Saturday night I hung out with a few Sly Fox brewers in the city.  I stopped by the Brauhaus for a bit and actually got a seat at the bar.  I enjoyed a few 1809 Berliner Weisses, then moved a few blocks to join a trio that were 2 Manhattans in at Southwark.  It was a Pikeland Pils night.  We had a few of them, snuck in a sazerac, and headed home to watch the perfect game on DVR. Sunday, except for a nice brunch with Duvel pal, Megan, I spent the day solamente, writing, cleaning and cooking all day. When the raging panda gets back from Avalon, she will see the wax on the floors, not a dish in the sink, and the refrigerator rid of any food that it should be rid of.
I made ice cream- batch #9.  I was going to call it Zeke vs. the Volcano-because I made it with the remains of a jar of Black Lava Cashews from Dibrunos bros.  But its not like Zeke really took on a volcano.  The base is honey.  The cashews are a pinch salty, but it works.  Its also one of my creamiest to date, which makes me happy following my icy "You put the thyme in the coconut."

I also made pasta for the first time since February.  Its cooling down now, but if all goes well, Ill bring homemade paperdelle salad to my Memorial Day bbq.  Then off to bartend at Bridgids.
I thought we would be closed for Memorial day, and by thought- I mean hoped and prayed, but alas, I will be pouring beers from 5 till ?  Go Flyers.

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