June 1, 2010

BeerMuda Triangle and other outdoor jawns this Saturday June 5th

Just saw this on the Weather Channel 10 day forecast.
Sat Jun 5

Partly Cloudy
Partly Cloudy
Do you know what day that's for?  
Saturday is totally jam-packed with festivity.  So good thing it probably won't even sprinkle.
King Pin goes outdoors this year.
Standard Tap kicks things off at 11 am.
There will be live music, a dunk tank, and a bunch of pins from local breweries-which will kick first?
Sly Fox's offering will the the Standard Porter that William Reed (tap co-owner) and Brian O'Reilly brewed together.

The BeerMuda Triangle: Where Livers get lost- between St. Stephens, Kite and Key and Bishops Collar starts with a pep rally bev at 1 pm at the Collar. The run will start at 2.  If you are interested you must have a team of 4.  No one will have to run more than 4 miles throughout the time.  And no one will have to run that much at one time.  Sly Fox Cans will be at all locations.
You can register via the Philly Beer Week Website- here.

There's a Pay as you go outdoor event at the German Society by 6th and  Spring Garden.   Its co-hosted by Marnie Old and Brauhaus Shmitz.  Live Music Games, German Food and Beer. 
The PBW website says "fun for the whole family."

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