June 23, 2010

Best news I heard all Week (because I live in the Italian Market): Teri's finally puts that liquor license to use

Yesterday was one of Ressurection Ale House's Bartender's birthdays, Rocco Renzetti.
If you've ever been to the P.o.p.e. you'll see him with his long sandy brown hair and sunglasses living well and drinking well amongst a p.o.p.e. posse of regulars.  Last night a big crowd came out to toast his days to date.  Amongst them was a pal Nikki.  She handed me a fluorescent pink flyer and told me about her new job managing this bar in the Italian Market.

This bar was a cute luncheonette just south of Washington on 9th st. called Teri's.
Very under the radar, but my kind of place.  I had lunch there once and could tell that they were in a transition phase.  And now I learn what they were moving towards: a BAR.

Flyer Reads
New Bar Hours 5-2
Takeout beer
*Frozen drinks, "adult milkshakes" and other summertime cocktails
*Banging Late night bar menu
*Drink Specials and Good summer fun

Saturday Night Fever
8-10 Sly Fox cans and Jim Beam $2
Midnight raffle for free Booty
10-2 Funk, Soul and Motown Dance Party

This is my first weekend completely off since April.  (except for Friday night) this is how I'm going to spend my Saturday. 

Maybe Ill see you there.


  1. AWESOME news -- do you know if they'll still be open for breakfast?

  2. Saturday Night Fever - where at? where at?

  3. It's on 9th st just South of Washington.
    They will still be open for breakfast and such.

  4. Do you know who I might get in touch w/ about a DJ gig there? Cuz I noticed they are doing some DJ nights, too.