June 28, 2010

The Best thing I Ate All Week

Usually I like to spread myself around a bit.  Don't get the wrong idea. I mean with bars.  I try to constantly switch it up.  Seeing a fair amount of existing Sly Fox bars and restaurants while keeping mindful of those who have yet to give us an opportunity. So its a rarity for me to spend two back to back Friday nights at the same establishment.  Southwark got me the last two in a row.

Two Fridays ago- we hung tat the 4th and Bainbridge bar for a bit then headed eastward to the new Head House.  HH  had only been open a few days and are still getting things together. It was nice to see the coolers filled but I look forward to going back when the kitchen is in full effect.

Last Friday- I met Lance at Southwark after my sampling in New Jersey.  We ordered a bunch of small plates- the best of which was this crab salad loaded with dill.   I can't stop thinking about it.  The crunch of the snap peas (edit), the accent of the dill, and the sweet crab meat complemented by a little Sauvignon Blanc- the perfect start to the much needed weekend.


  1. Sugar snap peas, not green peppers. Xoxo, -K & S

  2. That's right. Don't know how I messed that up.