June 16, 2010

The Biggest Lie of Beer Week: "Raging Panda to be contained in West Philly"

The Raging Panda thought she would take it as easy as she could get it this beer week.
She actually told me she was temporarily taking shelter from the beer storm in West Philly so I wouldn't need to tiptoe in the house or leave my shoes outside when I came home after working three events.

This was a big, massive lie.
Raging Panda was everywhere from Opening Tap right up to doing Cisco's Thong song at the T.U.D.  the final tap if you will. 

This is the text my roommate got after opening tap>>>>>>>>>>>

She made was actually part of the Hammer of Glory parade, rollerskating the HOG from VARGA to Brauhaus.  Then made it to Swift Half at least 2x, Johnny Brenda's 2x, Joses at least 2x, City Taphouse 1x, Misconduct 1x, She started off strong with Good Dog aka Bad Puppy, then decided she should avoid it the rest of the week. 

I don't believe she ever made it to West Philly, she made it to Manayunk for that shitshow of bike race day but no West Philly.

She also told me she was never drinking Fish Eye boxed wine again. But as of tonight, the lies continue.

With all of that being said, my beer week ended with a roomie-given bouquet of peach miniature roses and a card that said "You're awesome." 

Takes one to know one Panda.

Way to beer week like the IPA beer club secretary you are.

Stay tuned for more Beer Week superlatives until Friday at which point I won't talk about Beer Week any more.  *unless i'm paid to;)

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