June 15, 2010

A Blob named Su (zy): My Philly Beer Week Eats

If there wasn't already and awesome book/blog titled, "This is Why I'm Fat"-it would be the name of this post.

The Philly Beer Industry Biggest Loser kicks off tonight at 5:30.
I can't wait to be/feel healthy again. I was doing so well before Casey Parker's wedding.
I went to the gym. I ran. I actually exposed my arms at the wedding.

The last ten days took their toll.
I was deprived of sleep, but never food, as I stuffed my face constantly.
I ate when I was hungry. I ate when I was not.
I ate tons of meat. And i had much regret.

Calcium-rich TUMS' stock is up as is the scale.

My beer week kicked off with some nice snacks from Bar Ferdinand.  Everyone knows they have great food, but people are always in a sangria state of mind.  Their beer list doesn't get talked about as much, but they definitely "get it" and have great beers on their menu. These battered and fried cubes were filled with cheese and topped with a marshmallow like cube. They were as tasty as they are cute.

Sherri Wade of Southwark created a fun Happy Hour menu for beer week. There was an amazing Salmon appetizer.  I usually steer clear of the pink fish (ate it way too much growing up), but I try things at Southwark I wouldn't try at other places because everything she touches is golden.  Sherry also made an ice cream sundae for the week using DogFish Head's Black and Blue. ( A golden ale with pureed black and blue berries. It was topped with house made whipped cream, chocolate and a praline pretzel crunch of sorts.

Friday  was a IPA dance party recovery lunch at the Royal Tavern with my sister.  I went with the Sweet Potato Banh mi.  I had consumed so much meat in the week, I thought that the Vegan Vietnamese- inspired sandwich was a smart decision. But the glutton in me took the bartender's suggestion, and threw some smoked gouda on it.  Because that's what blobs do.

 Fun food Fact: I really don't eat cheese steaks often. Except for Philly Beer Week.  When I consumed not one, not two, but 3 of them.   I am  taking responsibility for only one of them.

There was the "late night with Joe Gunn" cheese steak with whiz (so much more on this epic event later).  That was totally intentional and I shared it with fellow liver destroyer, Wendy, and Gordon Grubb. He only got two bites.
There was the Lance Romance forced PATS Cheese steak late night on Friday. Every single time I eat one of these- there's instant regret.  He loves them. It really deducts relationship points.  But it was a nice nightowl soaker after draining a firkin of Bitter at Good Dog in 11 minutes and 57 seconds. Lance had 4 pints in that time.
Then there was the Duvel/Ommegang rep Megan Maguire cheese steak late night at Lil Pete's.  She wanted one, and I offered up a triangle of my Monte Cristo for a quarter of hers.  PS:  When nervous or in doubt at Lil Pete's the Cristo is a safe bet.  Wendy went the way of the dog, ordering a Texas Tommy.  Now are protruding tummies are the size of the southern state.

Saturday I cheated on beer week with a long bike ride and glass of Pinot Gris at Valley Green inn.
Before we left-we needed some energy.  In my beer week world, that's provided with grease.
Everytime I go to Paesanos I get the Arista. I switched it up that afternoon and got the Paesano.
Tender brisket, fried egg, cheese, roasted tomatoes and other goodies.  I could only eat half.  So I rode my bike the the homeless area by the public library and left it on a bench.  I hope it was eaten.

Sunday. I made it.  I should celebrate. And I should celebrate with SPTR's fried mac and cheese balls.  But I haven't stopped wanting it ever since. I order the omlette du jour.  Asparagus, mushroom, and cheese.  Just as yummy as everything else that comes out of Scott Schroeder's kitchen.  Somehow I left without ordering the fried ice cream sandwich.

Speaking of dessert- I made a batch of Chocolate ice cream tonight with crushed Hanover sourdough pretzels.  It's called "Snyders of Hangover." And since I'm a heffer, please come over and have some so I don't eat all 2 quarts.


  1. Awesome list of things, many of which I now desperately need to try! (Sweet Potato Banh mi? WITH smoked gouda?? I am SO there! I'm 6' 4" and totally unapologetic for my blob-osity.)

    One tiny quibble, though: The Manchego Frito from Bar Ferdinand is NOT topped with a marshmallow cube, or even really a marshmallow "like" cube, if you completely experience it. These hot cheesy beauties are topped by something wonderful and heavenly and magical, known as Frozen Apple Foam.

    Once you've recovered from this week, you really should go back there with a clear palate and experience the apple foam again. The tart snap atop the warm, creamy goodness really makes the dish!

  2. A resounding and regretful "Ditto" was heard throughout the city.

  3. Yes Suzy, the other half of the Paesano was eaten. Thank you.