June 21, 2010

Bob Barrar Brews a Perfect 10

On June 21st 2001 Iron Hill opened up their Media location.
To commemorate the decade of excellence and a million awards- Head Brewer Bob Barrar brewed "Perfect 10."
If you're in the area- I bet it'll be a good night to swing by. (John Doherty;)

Here are 10 fun facts about the beer from IH:

A Full bodied Imperial IPA with ten things that make this beer perfect:

1. TEN different hop varieties

2. One Hundred and TEN IBU’s

3. TEN Percent ABV

4. TEN lbs of Orange Blossom Honey per BBL

5. TEN lbs of hops per BBL

6. TEN grams of servo (yeast nutrient)

7. TEN years of Media Brewing

8. TEN minutes in the Hop Back on 46lbs of hops

9. TEN years of Bob Barrar, Head Brewer

10.TEN year celebration of Media Hop Heads

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