June 6, 2010

Day 2: Barely Surviving

I think I can finally focus on typing again. Yesterday was a rough one.

Friday led me to Jose Pistolas for lunch
Standard Tap post lunch to try the standard porter and the Brotherly Suds 1 Collaboration.
If you havent had it yet,- It's ane Esb with 5 hops and 5 malts brewed by Stoudts, Troegs, Victory, Yards and Sly Fox at the Sly Fox brewery.   Make sure you try some this week.
Then I had an event at Bar Ferdinand.  I arranged for Art in Bars to hang pieces around the restaurant.
The crowd packed in for Flamenco dancers and sangria.  But a few people were there for the beer.
I met a nice couple on their way to a National show.  It's kind of funny because if I wasn't liver deep in beer week- I'd probably be going to that show.

Then it was off to catch about 20 minutes of Opening Tap. I wasn't there long enough to really have an opinion on the night.  But I thought it was cool the Flyers were on the big screen, and it appeared that everyone was pretty toasted.

Then it was Varga Bar.  Where they had Ola Dubh on the engine.  I drank that too quickly then Exit 4's back to back.  I spent the day drinking mostly session beer, then for some reason cranked it up for late night. 

Thus making Saturday a challenge to shower let alone run about 3 and a half miles.

The BEERmuda triangle was a relay.  We were team I.P.A. for the beer club.

In pursuit of ale/awesomeness.  The team members were April Annie Smack some fanny, the Raging Panda, Bronwen, newbie April Sherwood, and myself.  My "life coacch" Bill Blatts also joined the day, but was a true tour de force- running the whole thing by himself.

I thought I was going to die.  I had my last Paesano's sandwich, I'd never lounge in the courtyard again, I would never make it to New Orleans.  This was it. Good bye world.  It was nice drinking you.

But I did it.  I could normally do 3 1/2 miles no problem, but it was quite a feat after 14 hours of beer week bar hopping.

I went to check on the Center City Can Crawl afterwards.  Went to Good Dog, where I ran into a million people I was quite happy to see.  I had a bloody mary- followed by a Royal Weisse can.  I wanted to check in on BAR- (and I had sent Brian O'Reilly's brother in law there to check it out-so I wanted to meet up with him and his buddies and have a beer)  but the air conditioning was down and they weren't taking guests.  So I headed over to TIME and had a Pikeland Pils with Lance Romance and Tim Ohst our dir. of brewing operations.

I went to pick up my bike across from Jose Pistolas where I see Dan Conway (lefthand) Cameron Saunders (Shangy's) Laura Bell (duh), and Casey hanging on the sidewalk.
I walk over, end up going in, seeing the whole Origlio crew and having a Petrus Pale Ale on tap.

Hung out there for a bit.... saw many beer peeps then made it home by midnight.

Here we go Day 3

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