June 1, 2010

De Dolle Oerbier Special Reserva 2006

This beer is perfect.
Its about to rain outside.
I am tied to my computer for a few hours so that is perfect too.

Beer week is cutting minutes off my life.
I woke up a few weeks ago deciding that I wouldn't stress about a thing.
But the cliche "easier said than done" has never been more applicable.

Winnings from 2009 Mystery Beer Weekend contest.
Courtesy of Brendan Hartranft and Leigh Maida.
Thanks you brewers of De Dolle.
You kick ass and reign supreme.


  1. An amazing beer indeed, it looks like someone brought that one home from Belgium, we don't get the bow-tie in the states. Lucky you!

  2. One of my all-time favorites....

    Just wish I could have gotten some of that Still Nacht Reserva when it was around!