June 17, 2010

A Few Beer Week Numbers

Biggest casualty: My new blue cowboy hat. Last seen at Smoke 'Em if you got 'Em Or maybe Johnny brendas. $15 REWARD
Competitive Events: 3  BEERMUDA Triangle- Trying to Dunk Jim Wiggins-(didn't come close) and the Firkin off Sly vs. South Hampton- when Brian O'Reilly  tied the city record of 11 minutes and 57 seconds.
Cans seen smashed with Hammer Of Glory by Spencer Niebhur: 1
Cheesesteaks: 3
Lil Petes visits: 1
Random Hotel stay with beer gals: 1
Collaboration beers tried : 3
Times in Bars:  43 (I think)
Late nights with Joe Gunn: 3
Late Late night with Joe Gunn:1 
Nights in Monks Back Bar- miraculously only 2  
Capsules of Milk Thistle: 10
Wigs Worn: 1
Women centric events attended: 3
Miles ran:Only 3 1/2
Miles Biked: 25
Times at Gym: 0
New beer tees acquired :2
Favorite beers of the week: Still love that Chester Co. Bitter, Enjoyed the Boubon Barrel Angel's Share at Jose Pistolas, Drank as much Brotherly Suds as I could.  It was nice to see a little of Sly's Berliner around. Tart, low in alcohol and refreshing. Enjoyed the Saison Du Buff Collab as well as the Sierra Nevada Ex Porter and the Standard Porter.  The Russian River Registration definitely had the RR stamp on it bright and hoppy.
 I had so many events myself- I really didn't get a chance to  try all that was out there.


  1. what's Milk Thistle?

  2. Have to agree on the Chester County Bitter and it was the first beer I started the week off on. I was taken back a bit by it at first, because I didn't know what to expect. Then a few sips later and one sloppy pulled pork sandwich at Jose Pistola's, was suprised how much flavor was in that beer. I also don't know how your liver held up, but I guess thats what the milk thistle was for.

  3. Milk Thistle is a supplement that aids in healthy liver function.

    From Wiki: the seeds of milk thistle that herbalists have used for 2000 years to treat chronic liver disease and protect the liver against toxins.

  4. Wow...fun to read and educational too!