June 6, 2010

A few noteworthy Sunday events

By the time you read this you probably have your brunch plans set.
There's plenty of brunches
*Vintage Beer Brunch at Memphis
*ELVIS Brunch at p.o.p.e. - "Elvis" in his different phases will be there.
*Side CAr Allstars with Bells Brewing
*and Jose Pistolas with Santa Casey

-Some em if you got em kicks off at 1.  I expect this to be quite crowded.

-5 Dark Horse Stouts on Tap at Bridgids 2:30 pm

-FOODERY (2nd and poplar) has a homebrew meet up and exchange after 5 tonight.
- AND you won't want to miss a drunk Nick Johnson at Johnny Brendas later.
Apparently hes going to be throwing 'em back a t a bike race party in manayunk all day THEN going to johnny Brenda's. He's gonna be a hot mess, and you're gonna wanna be there.

-Pretty things project dinner at World Cafe Live 5 pm $50.  They make great beer.

FERGIES 7 till 11  Ferg's cous Shane will be playing music.  Should be fun for a pint or two.

Later tonight GO FLYERS- and there' Karaoke with the lovely Laura Bell at the p.o.p.e.

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  1. which foodery? (Guess I can look that up somewhere)